Tactical Etching was born of necessity. Cameron had just retired from a 34 year stint in the Army in 2014 and Matt had been medically retired from the Army in 2012. Neither wished to become homeless and we knew a guy that sold lasers.


Seriously, Matt and Cameron met in the Florida Army National Guard and after Cameron’s retirement wanted to start their own business to provide a really cool service to military, LEO, first responders, or anybody that wants to personalize their tactical items.


Using the Boss Laser system, we can engrave just about anything. As you can see in the gallery, we can deeply engrave most soft to medium density materials. We can surface etch most weapons grade, coated (Tenifer, Blued, or anodized) metals. Along with engraving we can color etch using TherMark or CerMark and color fill with LaserBits Pro Color fill.


We are not limited to just tactical stuff. Beer and wine bottles, wood and acrylic plaques, mirrors, glass, softball gloves, wood bats, challenge coins, the unfortunate June bug that flew into the machine, cell phones, laptops, medals, leather, foam targets, tile, granite, stone, and anything else you can think of that will fit in the machine. Just ask. We’ll even attempt to scarify your skin if you can hold still long enough (seriously, we haven’t tried it yet but we want to). You’ll be YouTube famous.


Let your imagination run wild. We’ll try anything once.